Specialised Trailers

Are you an expert in your industry? Looking to get a specific trailer to get the job done correctly? Quite often, when you’re using a trailer for work, you need some specific tools, features, or additions that aren’t going to come with your traditional trailer.  Here at Big Man Trailer Co, we provide a great range of specialised trailers to suit the needs of different industries. Whether you are transporting your excavator, livestock or car. Some of our specialised trailer options include:

Cattle Trailers

When transporting livestock, protect the stock and other people on the road by getting a well-designed and built cattle trailer. Our Cattle Trailer is easy to tow and has a massive 2800KG ATM, so you can carry more than enough in one single trip. Plus, there are electric brakes on all wheels.

Plant Trailers

Are you transporting bobcats or mini-diggers for work, requiring a heavier-duty alternative to the traditional trailer? Our plant trailer has an extended 1.8m drawbar and a 2800KG ATM to support your excavator. This makes it the perfect trailer choice for those transporting machinery on and off-site. All specialised trailers come with 24 months structural warranty with confidence to leave you peace of mind.

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Showing 1-7 of 7 results