8×5 Single Axle Trailer


Product Description

The 8×5 Single Axle Trailer stands out as the pinnacle of single-axle trailers from Big Man Trailer Co. Crafted for those who seek to haul larger loads in fewer trips, its design ensures easy maneuverability for drivers of all experience levels. Whether you’re relocating or decluttering, this trailer is your go-to solution for efficient and secure transport. Dive into a world of quality and reliability with Big Man Trailer Co, your premier galvanised trailer provider for home and professional use.

  • Full body hot-dipped galvanised (including inside the rail)
  • 24 months structural warranty
  • Free jockey wheel
  • Brand new 14” Sunraysia rim and light truck tyre
  • Removable 600mm Cage
  • Fully weld body
  • The Front & rear doors open
  • Checker plate floor
  • 1200mm drawbar


Item Number BT85W
Trailer Size 8’ x 5’
Drawbar 70x50x3mm
Internal Size 2360mm x 1500mm
Surface Finish Hot Dipped Galvanised
Colour Silver
Lights LED ADR Light
Axle 40mm Solid
ATM 750kg
Jockey Wheel 6” Swivel
Fully Weld Yes
Checker Plate Full 2.5mm
Tilt body Yes
Side 300mm 2.5mm Fold Up
Cage 600mm 30x30mm
Suspension 5 leaf
Cross Beam 50x50x3mm
Wheel & Tyre 185R14C Light Truck
Brake No Brake
Warranty 24 Months Structural

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